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Our Mission

Doing what we do best.

To provide superior revenue cycle management for physicians and groups, maximize revenue, reduce days in A/R, give you more time to care for your patients, take the headache of billing off the hands of your office staff, submit clean, accurate, compliant claims the first time, and remove the burden of worrying about the cash flow from the forefront of your day.
We accomplish this by:

  1. Working together
  2. Pairing the right biller to the account
  3. Continuing education for MBA staff
  4. Internal audits/reviews

In a typical physician office, we know the primary goal is to provide quality medical care. With staff turnover, vacations, and unexpected absences, we know it can be hard to stay on top of the paperwork. With constant changes in reimbursement, physicians are often working harder for less. In many small practices there just isn’t enough time or resources to focus on the billing. MBA is the perfect solution to provide an extension to your office.

We know that changing billing companies takes time and a tremendous amount of work. Our team of professionals will work to ensure that you experience minimal disruption during the transition. Our #1 goal is to provide you with excellent service so that MBA is your final billing solution.

Our Services

Full-line services you can count on!
  • Appointment Scheduling Module
  • Bookkeeping
  • Contracting
  • Credentialing
  • Bank Deposits
  • Deposit Reconciliation
  • Document Management & Storage
  • Eligibility Verification
  • EDI & EFT Enrollment
  • Professional Billing

Why Medical Billing Associates?

With so many billing companies to choose from, here are some reasons why to choose MBA.
Quality and Integrity

Quality medical billing with integrity! We don’t just say it, we mean it!

Dedicated Account Manager

Each account is assigned a dedicated account manager as your primary contact.


We won’t sweep the issues under the rug. We recognize that we are on the same team. Each member of the team must do their part efficiently and effectively to maximize reimbursement. Our staff will work with your office to provide regular feedback and suggestions to achieve the common goal.


Full transparency – as much or as little information as you would like.


With over 30 years of experience, we understand the games insurance companies play.

No Quotas

Our staff is not tied to quotas. We are more concerned with the job being done right, than with meeting quotas. Technology and tools will only be as valuable as the investment you make in the human resources. We know that the billing process will never be fully automated and that our staff must be equipped for the industries challenges.


All billing functions are performed in the U.S. In the last decade more and more billing companies have moved in the direction of outsourcing in order to reduce cost. These cost savings to the billing company have been at the expense of the individual physician or small group practice. Providers are waiting longer for claim payment while claims move through the assembly line of people who are involved in the billing process; or worse, don’t fully understand the billing process. Are you comfortable with your information and your patient’s information being sent outside the U.S.? Are you concerned with whom you or your patient will speak to when there is a question or concern? Many billing companies do not even inform the provider that they outsource, unless the provider asks that specific question.

What Clients Say About Us

MBA provides superior customer service and trustworthy personal attention to our account that has produced the highest level of collections our practice has ever seen. Revenue has increased dramatically and our aging reports are almost non-existent. Making the switch to MBA from our previous billing company was practically seamless. The staff made our transition easy and guided us the entire way. I strongly recommend MBA to anyone who enjoys excellent, accurate and efficient medical billing services. My business has greatly benefited from their expertise.


Cheri has performed medical billing services for my practice for over a decade. She is quite honestly, the best in the business. I know many physicians that are frustrated with their medical billing and I can emphatically state that I have never had any issues with our billing. Cheri stays on top of it all and always goes the extra mile in dealing with insurance companies and collecting outstanding debts. I am happy to refer her to all of my colleagues and am very lucky to have had her for many years.


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